We want to make your final goodbye to your loved one a special memory. The Lady Dee is a 43 foot Delta. And can carry 24 passengers. The Captain of the vessel (Gene Kane) will take you and your party to your requested place. If you do not have a particular place you'd like to go, we can suggest a place. We think Cape Disappointment is very beautiful place. We like to think the light house watches over your loved one. And in the early evenings there is usually a beautiful sunset. From port to Cape Disappointment is approximately one hour. The cost is $500.00 for a two hour trip. The captain of the vessel will give you all the privacy you need. When your ceremony is over, you'll return to port. The captain will then give you a certificate with the date and the exact latitude and longitude of your loved ones departure to keep.


Ashes To Ashes, Dust to Dust

From water all life arises,

Mother of waters, Father of rain,

You have taken flows into a river

As a River flows into the Sea.

May your loved one return to the

Waters of Healing

To the waters of the beginning.


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