At Tackle Time we provide not only charters, But a full service bait and tackle shop for 

Salmon, Sturgeon, Halibut, Tuna,  and crabbing. 

Our top selling bait during prime fishing is our FRESH BAIT.  Anchovies, Herring, and Live Sand Shrimp. 

We have our customers pre-order their bait the day before. With an approximate pick up time. This way if they order, and give a time. We will hold their fresh bait until that time even though I'm sold out for the day.






We'd like to remind all of our Bait Customers to Order FRESH BAIT the

day before their fishing trip. Please try and order before 2:30pm

You can call (503) 861-3693, Leave a message on the recorder, Or write

your order on the front door of Tackle Time. But it is always BEST to call during business hours, otherwise you run the risk of not having what you need.



  Fresh Anchovies (When in Season)

  Anchovies are sold by the pound and or bag.

  Fresh Herring     (When in Season)    Herring are sold by the dozen.
  Jumbo Sand Shrimp (When in Season)   Sand Shrimp have at least a dozen per carton.


  Herring   Smelt
  Anchovies   Clam Necks
  Squid   Crab Bait

  Live Sand Shrimp (Seasonal Only)


  O.D.F.W Fishing Licenses   Rods & Reels
  Safety Gear   Cube & Block Ice
  Large Assortment of Tackle   Snacks
  Soda Pop & Lots of Fish Stories Too !



We'd like to remind all of our bait customers to order FRESH BAIT the day before their fishing trip.

You can call on VHF radio, phone, recorder, or  write your order on our front door for the next morning.

Even email if ordered by 2:00pm.  (No later than 2:00)


VHF  -  Channel 11          Phone (503) 861-3693